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Tactics 3: Sacrifice Forks

Tactics 3: Sacrifice Forks

Sep 13, 2016, 5:59 PM 0

The Knight is one of the best at forking. Therefore, this can lead to surprise attacks. Sometimes sacrifices are good, like the one below. 

In this puzzle, the sacrifice minimizes the chances of black winning by a long shot. 
You can also capture a piece and do a fork along with it. Try solving this puzzle with a capture fork.
What's a double fork? You'll see with this next puzzle! (Hint: This puzzle is a sacrificial fork too.)
Double forks are extremely rare.
Tactic 2 Bonus: Fool's mate
Fool's mate is a checkmate in, surprisingly, 2 moves!
Take a look:
If you fall for this mate, you are considered a fool.
That's it for today!

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