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SO Tight but it is tighter..

SO Tight but it is tighter..

Feb 27, 2010, 8:13 AM 0

Cool Hello, I am a single man living with my father, who is bedridden since 2008. I have to bath him on the bed alone and sometimes with help from friends. To clear his feaces and urine, no doubt he wears diaper.

Early as 6.00 am at subuh (praying time) I will turn ON thne 'blower' for my fishes in 5 tanks outside  our house. Three 120 gal. tanks and 2 80gal. tank filled with Clarias Gariepinus, around 600 - 800 fishes.

To prepare breakfast, take care of house chores, cleaning my dad, washing clothes; normal clothings and contaminated clothings have to be isolate.

Little time to be online to play chess, to write blogs, read and reply emails, reporting complaints from local residents regarding inpropriate conducts of the enforcement, only with reasonable complaints with proofs, facts and figures; daily report of the breeding fishes by my friend of Wanad Aqua Farm and my own. Today I found 13 fishes sizing from 6.50 cm to 7.50 cm but weighing only 50 grams in the First Tank.

Wo, very sorry if I did not appear or attending  a challenge.

By, thanks for reading. Please do advice or comment.

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