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Nice week on Chess.com

Nice week on Chess.com

Oct 5, 2017, 10:07 PM 0

Lately i managed to read some articles for novice players and kinda realised that I had really bad reflexes about chess.
First bad reflex is that I play too much against AIs, such as Chessmaster, and I really need to practice against humans too.
The second bad reflex is I prefer short games instead of long ones. Short games are for pros and elite players, I can't really learn anything from that. There are principles and rules I should learn and experience. If I play bullet or something I clearly won't be able to take a step forward. 

So I figured out, I should play 15+10 chess and analyze the games with Stockfish and see what I did wrong. So from now on, I will do that. I'm really curious what my average CAPS would be after let's say 100 matches.

Yesterday was a match between Ben Finegold and Ginger GM. I have nothing against Ginger GM, but I was in team Finegold. I think he is way more fun, a real character, and I also like his videos made in St. Louis Chess Center. 

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