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SER chess... Ideas about the opening

SER chess... Ideas about the opening

Sep 15, 2016, 11:12 AM 0

In classical chess the basic idea of opening based on control of the center.  On the SER chessboard, there is no center. An idea is to push the  pawns controlling the intermediate bridges of the chessboard.

Another idea is to prepare the position of the pawns on the corners for transition of bishops in Fianchetto. In their starting position the bishops are on white squares so to change color in one of them , you should use the blue squares.




The hypermovement on Einstein- Rosen bridges

The development of the knights

 they have to control over the central bridge of your area by preventing attacks through the blue squares and also to supervise the intermediate bridges.

Οn the chessboard there are no passages through the center, but a king in the middle is not safe so castling is always necessary. It is identical on both sides so there is no long  or short but Castling right or left 



When completing the first basic steps, we can add the pair of queens or generals  in the  battle and organize an attack based on  mental schemes of topostrategy and chronostrategy through a polycyclic siege.

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