VOTECHESS Friendly Tournament

VOTECHESS Friendly Tournament

Apr 9, 2017, 9:03 AM |

This is the oficial place ( tongue.png ) of the votechess friendly tournament named as "TEN NATIONS VOTECHESS CUP" being played between the national teams of Team MalaysiaTeam FranceTeam EnglandTeam IsraelTeam CataloniaTeam BulgariaChess Team HollandTeam MéxicoTeam Argentina, and Belarus (it was replaced by Ukraine in second stage).

We will play a first stage with three zones, one of four teams and two of three. We will play 3 days/move, playing two games againts each team, one as White and one as Black.


1st Stage (start date 1-May-2017):

Zone A: Malaysia, Holland, Belarus and France,

Zone B: England, Bulgaria and Argentina

Zone C: Israel, Catalonia and México 


2nd Stage, (start date 20-May-2018)

Zone I:  Holland (1°A), Malaysia (2°A), England (1°B), México (1°C) - 1st to 4th 

Zone II: France (A), Argentina (2°B), Catalonia (2°C) - 5th to 7th

Zone III: Ukraine as Substitute of Belarus (A), Bulgaria (3°B), Israel (3°C) - 8th to 10th


Teams and contacts (Admins of each team are indicated in brackets)

1) Team Malaysia ( @kevinong76 and @levinfish)

2) Team France (@ramessesVIII)

3) Team England (John:  @87654321 and @taurusmale67

4) Team Israel ( @tidi)

5) Team Catalonia (@ephimerous)

6) Team Bulgaria ( @nqmaime )

7) Chess Team Holland (@ripjack)

8) Team México ( @tonscual)

9) Team Argentina (@pancho2015)

10) Belarus ( @hervasij_vylivaha) / Team Ukraine (@mksn_undead