Patzer Opening: Black responds Nc6

Mar 2, 2008, 7:51 AM |

When White opens with the Patzer there are a number of options available for Black.

One of the main responses is Nc6. 

Here is the standard line where White plays 5.Ne2 covering d4 and allowing White to play Qb3 if the opportunity presents itself. Although I consider 5.Ne2 imperative, only one White opponent has played it so far in the Nc6 standard line. White may be hoping to somehow get the knight to f3 later. 

To be fair there are few proponents of the Patzer Opening and my opponents probably do not consider Qb3 or do not think it is worth playing. 







Best play for White - not 4.Qf3?

With the Queen on f3 and White preferring to deploy the knight to f3, perhaps it is better if White plays 4.Qd1 or 4.Qe2.

See here for the complete 4.Qd1 game

See here for the complete 4.Qe2 game
















Other possible alternatives.
















Here is a sample continuation where Black's 5...a6 invites 6.Qb3 and Black's position is secure.


Here is a sample continuation where Black's 5...d6 invites 6.Qb3 but it does not go well for Black. 


Here is a continuation where Black's 5...Bg7 dissuades White from playing 6.Qb3.

Possible fifth moves by White other than Ne2

The Good - c3

Here White plays 5.c3 covering d4.


The Bad - Na3

With the intent of attacking f7 again.  Black can play Nd4 and does so on move 7.