Patzer Opening: The very bad 2...g6

Mar 23, 2008, 4:47 AM |
Countless players have responded with 2...g6 but probably only once.

Black resigned too late so ratings were affected.

Black determined there was no point in playing K + R + R + B + N + 7P vs. K.

White decided to avoid the complications of extracting the queen from h8.  Since this could be the only fun left, White could have resigned before playing move four and started another game.

Black did not have a chance to learn from the 2...g6 mistake. It is possible that it was played in a subsequent game.

Why do they not resign?

The 2...g6 player is used to being way down on material. As well they know their opponents are prone to blunders.


Here are some less successful attempts to recover.

Mate in 34 with K + Q+ R + R + B + N + 6P vs. K + P