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How to do Check mate on Back Rank tutorial 1

How to do Check mate on Back Rank tutorial 1

Oct 22, 2017, 4:51 AM 0

This Chess tutorial "How to do Check mate on Back Rank", gives you the brief discussion over Back Rank Check mate Skeletal Structure. This video contains four example go through it carefully.

Black's own loyal pawn shield traps the King! This pattern is virtually inexhaustible as it keeps cropping up repeatedly even in the games of the world's best players. Back-rank checkmates are administered by the major pieces, Queens and Rooks, and their presence means that we should always be alert for such opportunities.

I advise you to create a loose-leaf notebook and for your first section make it "Back Rank Checkmates". Then when you play through a game, cut, copy or paste it into your notebook. Also, note that even if the game itself didn't feature a back-rank mate, look for a possible back-rank mate combination that was avoided. Carefully consider possible variations and especially the analysis of the players.

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