Philidor Position b-g or c-f file

Philidor Position b-g or c-f file

Jul 3, 2017, 9:28 AM |

Philidor Position b-g file

The situation on b- or g-Pawn is a little different then pawn on d- or e-file, defender has more chances while defensing against b-pawn or g-pawn.



In the above position black’s king is perfectly placed at promotional square. If Black moves first, it is draw at once with

  1. ... Rh6+
  2. Kc5 Rg6,

Now keep the philidor principle in mind and checking the White’s king from sixth rank, and wait for white to advance his pawn.

After that

  1. b6 Rg1,

Now Black can check from files and draw easily.

But if White moves first

  1. Ka6 Rh6+
  2. 2.b6 Rh8

Black covers the eight rank.

  1. Rb7+ Ka8

It would be suicidal if black goes

  1. ... Kc8
  2. Ka7 Rh1
  3. Rb8+ Kd7
  4. Rg8 Ra1+
  5. Kb8

This way white forces the black’s king from promotional square, and soon white will achieve the Lucena position.

So black should move

  1. Ra7+ Kb8

White can't make any further progress.

Click here to view the video of the above game.

Philidor Position c-f file

The c-pawn or f-Pawn in following position is somewhat similar to above position, but passer is a little closer to the center makes all the difference. Black could only save the game only if he had the first move. He could play the Philidor defense technique.


  1. ... Ra6+
  2. Ke5 Re6

And wait for the white to advance with

  1. f6 Rc1

And forcing a draw.

But if it is White's move then it a win for white. To know how it is a win for white see the following link.

Example Video