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Chess for Radicals I: Don't back down

Chess for Radicals I: Don't back down

Dec 13, 2016, 4:13 AM 1

There are many values that the 24 or so million people who call themselves Australians seem to share. One of the most obvious is to back the underdog, the battler, the man/woman who doesn't give an inch even when outmatched. In sport, we've had the recent example of the Western Bulldogs who play in the Australian Football League and are the smallest club in the state of Victoria, winning the Grand Final with seemingly the whole state on its back.

 I tried to use this as an inspiration in the following game, where after having blundered badly, I kept fighting and put pressure on my opponent, until finally my opponent faltered.


Always remember, when battling a lost position, always look to make the game complicated and interesting by creating threats. When I was down I didn't resign and get annoyed with myself and have a sook and neither should you.

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