Save The King

Oct 15, 2007, 4:25 AM |

I am not sure if the following violates any of the rules of the forum and if it does, my deepest apologies as I have not found anything covering the topic.

I have been playing chess for a lot of years (not saying I'm ready to take on any world champs), but have found that finding players has become a chore. Many of friends stay away from the game citing that it is boring, time consuming, and requires too much thinking.  With this in mind, and looking to expose others to the game, I developed a variant of the game that levels the playing field, meaning that an absolute beginner could defeat a master player. The game offers skill development regardless of the level of your opponent. What was surprising was that those who shunned the game of chess were now asking to play it while developing an understanding. My variant of the game in no way looks to replace the game of chess but merely acts as an educational tool while allowing players of all skill levels to enjoy the game together.  I have been test marketing the game with positive feedback and am on the look for those who would be interested in assisting me in further testing.

     Thanks, and my apologies if this missive in any way violates the integrity of the forum ..... d