Little thoughts about chess

Nov 1, 2011, 10:37 AM |
Hi Everyone,
I have been playing chess for about 5 months. My initial intention is to have my 7 years old son to learn it, so I went to class with him and I learned and loved the game.
Here is my little thoughts after playing for a few months to share with you:
Benefits for playing chess:
- You will learn to be patient .... to be a successful player.... you got to have patient to think before you move... it happened to me many times although I was in an upper hand and being too excited and move too fast and missed some obvious mistakes.... and cause me losing a game...
- You will learn to plan... many times... there is no immediate benefits for some moves... but for future benefits....
- You will learn to be defeated.... we human being always like to win... and unable to accept being defeated... playing chess will let you face this reality and balance your mind.... i.e. being defeated is part of the growth of anything and not to be too upseted.
- You will learn to watch for the other's prespective rather than your own.... many times losing a game is because of you was only thinking about how you want to win but fail to think how your opportunate think try to win you.... playing chess let you practice that....
that's it for now...