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Jejemon Issued in our country

Jejemon Issued in our country

Sep 4, 2010, 12:19 AM 0

Jejemon is a very famous issue not only in our country but all over the world. This is a big controversial. A lot of debate has been made these past days because of this issue. 

Jejemon is a kind of person who writes, text, chat and sometimes speaks using only symbols, numbers and incomplete spelling words to shorten the words or let say they are trying to put some style on what they want to express. This is not considered as a language. It is a prohibited one, especially in school. Many people uses this unauthorized language especially those teenagers, like us. They use this language when they are texting with their classmates or friends. But sometimes they forgot that we should avoid this in formal conversation or discussion that’s why some of them did not understand the discussion well. Me as an individual I admitted that I was one of them before. But now I realize that it was not good for us. Instead of using this prohibited language, we should practice our English language because we can use this in our future. Did ever ask yourself, what is the use of this forbidden language in our life? Before, even if the jejemon is not yet improvised by those people who are really fashionable even in language, we can still live without this. That’s why there are the “JejeBusters”. Their aim or goal is to stop and prevent the spread of this illicit language. This coming school year the (DepEd) Department Of Education said that they were starting the action to stop this forbidden language. They also said that this can also be the cause of failure grades of those high students especially in English. High school students are mostly affected because they used to be updated every time. If you will choose between being a “Jejemon” or a “Jejebuster” which will you choose? Some of the person can not understand this issue; some of them said “So, whats the big deal of being a jejemon?”Well it is a big deal because we can not say maybe in the future this forbidden language become an authorize language because of this popularity to everyone. Or maybe this will never be considered as a language even in the future. Questions and petitions must be answered, so that we can really understand the argument or issue about this topic in our beloved country.

And as long as we live and we want to fulfilled our dreams in country called the Philippines, we should always be concern and we should always love and respect our country. No matter what issue comes we should always be concern. 

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