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LOSER MOVES: I Hate Losers, Don't You?

LOSER MOVES: I Hate Losers, Don't You?

Jul 19, 2011, 6:40 PM 4

In my experience there is a HUGE difference between losing and losers.  I like to play chess, win or lose, with people who win or lose, but aren't losers, demonstrating the inferior quality of bad sportsmanship by how they act while they play.  Whether playing blitz or slow chess, I beg all players everywhere to be WINNERS (results on the board not being the determining factor) with better sportsmanship.  Below are a few of the most annoying kinds of things losers do.

1. Annoying and vulgar comments--Chess is supposed to be a game for the enlightened.  Please don't spoil my innocent delusion by accusing me of cheating or sleeping with farm animals: thank you very much.  I have to disable chat in every blitz match I'm in, because of the rotten and annoying attitudes of some people. Even winners, become losers when they insult their opponents.  It's chess, not anything important, like monopoly, afterall.


2. Refusing to move or moving super slowly in lost positions--I am of the opinion that playing a game to the bitter end is OK, but only if you're playing to win and learn, not to be a JERK! If you have an attitude because you're losing, then RESIGN THE GAME and take up Ultimate Fighting.  If you're going to play a lost position, play it he best you can, not with throw away moves meant to annoy the guy who is beatng you.


3. Disconnecting in a lost position--how often do connections go bad in the middle of a blitz game, really? and why is it the vast majority of these disconnections happen to people who are about to lose but still have a lot of time on their clocks that I'm forced to watch tick away, just in case they come back with a few seconds left and catch me napping--which has happened!


4. Using vacation time all of the time--I had an opponenet who litterally let his time go down to minutes and then took vacation time over and over again.  If you don't like the time control, don't play with it.


5. Sending repeated draw offers or freind requests or other in line messages in a lost position--a little distraction, they figure, is all they need to force a mistake.  It isn't really chess anymore if you win by being a jerk; go get a job on talk radio if you want to win that way.


Thanks for heaing me out on my top five LOSER MOVES.  What are yours?

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