Why am I such a NERD!?  Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Chess

Why am I such a NERD!? Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Chess

Nov 11, 2011, 7:54 PM |

What is it about me or what is it about chess that makes chess the only game I can really enjoy?

Why do I like chess so much?  I am such a nerd!  Most of my friends and family know how to play chess, but when given the chance, they will play just about any other game BESIDES chess.  Some of my friends are serious gamers, too, playing everything from Risk to Settlers of Catan.  Don't get me wrong.  I can play them, and have some fun (as long as the snacks are good), but I never really have the urge to play games, besides chess .  

For years I thought that people were strange, who knows, maybe not so bright (sorry), to prefer other games over chess.  Alas, I've come to the conclusion: my love for chess is what makes ME the strange one.  

One of the things I do to staisfy my chess itch is coach our high school chess team.  The other day I was talking to the young man who plays our first board, and he said he didn't like to play other games besides chess, either.  I asked him why, and we talked for a minute about it, and I learned that a lot of the reasons he prefers chess are the same as mine.  

I thought it would be fun to coninue that discussion online, so here are my thoughts, and I look forward to reading the comments of any readers, too!

#1  I think chess is superior, because of how long its been around! Whenever I sit down to play chess, especially over the board, I feel a neat connection to ages past.  Chess has been around for nearly half a millinium! I've read that many great men, like Abraham Lincoln played chess.  The same game, with the same rules, has been around for so long! And I play it, too!

#2  It is a game that is easy to record and replay. Anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of chess notation can share his games or replay the games of others.  There are so many great games and collections of games

#3  Chess is free from random factors like dice and multicolored spinners which means it's man against man, skill on skill, with no excuses.

#4  I think chess is the best because it is international. I don't have to speak the same language or have any cultural connection to someone to be able to play chess with him.  Chess IS the cultural connection.  The game is the same in Africa, Asia, and even at my little house in Rochester, NY.

#5  The internet and chess go tohether like milk and cookies. Even cell phones these days give me the chance to play chess against a real person any time of day.

#6  Chess is an easy game to learn and impossible to master.  I can teach it to my six-year-old, and never quite learn it myself.

#7  Chess fits anwhere in a schedule.  I can play a quick game between meetings, consider a correspondence move before bed, or play in a weeklong over the board tournament. If I have the time, there's a game ready for me.

#8  Toying with those 64 squares and 32 pieces is good for the brain. Studying a problem improves concentration.  A complex position can stretch a brain to think better abstractly, like nothing else.  Mentally widdling down candidate moves enhances reasoning. 

#9  I think the board and pieces are cool.  The game has an artistic, poetic look and feel.  Nothing looks classier than a nice wooden chess set in an office or living room. A lot of really great designs incorporate chess imagry.  Artists and manufactures have produced a slew of different chess sets that can really capture the imagination.  I have a civil war chess set.  They all look great to me.  I'd love to own them all!

#10 I love to win.  The rush of winning always keeps me coming back for more, expecially after a loss!

I'm sure there a lot of other reasons why chess attracts  different people, and I hope readers will leave their comments!  

I know I'm a nerd, but other games inevetably grow stale to me.  Chess never has; chess never will.