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Apr 1, 2011, 12:47 PM 0

Hello Friday! I thought you would never get here. But here you are Friday! Time flies.. Let's all pray that all of us that stay in on Friday evenings at least win all our Teams games and play extremely well, since we are good boys and girls and have decided to stay in for the evening instead of going out and maybe Drinking and Driving. For that, Chess.com, I thank you. Chess has been a huge hobby of mine ever since I stopped drinking years ago. It made my mind think for a change and I gained some good cool friends from all these Chess sites I go to. I am a proud geekster now and My Family is everything. But don't get it twisted, the Game of Chess is RIGHT next to it! More to follow... Oh and just another reminder of a tournament that was made by a friend on here that is an open Tourney and I think there are either 6 or 8 Slots left.  Again, the Title of the Tournament is "Paul Gardikis benifit Tournament". Check it out. It's nothing serious, and I'm not a Master yet of the Game so I'm open to play with anyone.

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