Make every day a great day for Chess.

May 2, 2011, 8:50 AM |

Lately, instead of being an absolute Freak by going over to Facebook 20 times a day, I have decided "NO MORE"! If I get free time these days, it's a Miracle. I've got an 8 month old Baby who is more than a handful, and  my Writing that I do for a living but don't get paid, but I don't mind that because I have an extreme Passion for Writing. It keeps my Brain 'Fresh'! That brings me to Chess. To me, this game is NOT 'Space invaders'. It's not 'GemsSwap'. It's not 'FarmVille'. And it's certainly not 'Grand theft Auto.

  By saying Chess is a game is like saying The Beatles are just another band. Hear me? Chess is something so much more than 'a game'. That's why I have decided to devote ALL my extra time to this site. Not only to have fun and learn more and play chess with everyone, but to also help people learn the game. I know firsthand(we all do) how tough it was really getting the hang of the game. But if you buckle down, and have patience and also have someone like myself there with you having patience as well and tutoring you along the way.  As time goes by, the new player starts to become his 'own' player. More to follow... Pauliepea