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Chess Wisdom and Aphorisms #12

Chess Wisdom and Aphorisms #12

Nov 23, 2015, 7:00 AM 0

Chess Wisdom and Aphorisms.  #12.


How to play chess as Black -

‘Hold things together and wait for an opportunity!’


Hello Chess friends.  Today I pass on an extremely important piece of advice.  Many players say.  I am 1500, how do I get to 1600?  Players on 1600 say, how do I get to 1700? And so it goes.  Players on 1700 say, yes, you guessed it, how do I get to 1800?

The answer is simple.  Hold things together and wait for an opportunity!  There is a chess phrase - ‘The tragedy of the tempo.’  This means that the game for Black is essentially one of defence.  (The game for white is essentially one of attack.) Do you intend to play attacking chess as Black?  You are sure to lose.  You can only start off  the game by defending.  You are a tempo behind!  If you are fortunate, the white player will make an inaccuracy and only this allows you to equalise with good play by black.  Then you can slowly think about improving your position, all the while holding things together.  

So remember!  At the start of a game as Black, you are behind.  When you equalize as Black, you are still not ahead! Only when you have passed to the third phase, can you realise your ambition to be plus as black.

Here is an excellent game where a player as Black  rated 1600 holds it all together and takes his opportunity to win a fine game against a player rated 2200!

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