Chess Wisdom and Aphorisms. #14.

Chess Wisdom and Aphorisms. #14.

Nov 26, 2015, 6:24 AM |

Chess Wisdom and Aphorisms.  #14.

 The ultimate goal of chess!

‘To beat the medium computer on!’

 Hello chess friends.  Yes! After careful examination of all reasons to play chess I can reveal

THE GOAL of chess.  

Namely, to beat the medium computer on  In the contest between man and machine. We humans are the winners! 

How to increase your grade by 150 pts!  Simple.   First obtain a standard grade of 1700.  (See my previous posts on how to do this).  Then, lo and behold, you suddenly find that your favourite system against 1700 players which you have honed to perfection after much trial and error is too much for ‘the hapless beast’ medium computer.  It’s true!  Your best system takes down the metal machine.  Here are 2 of my games showing my system as white and black against medium computer.  Have a look at my winning streak of 10 games (!) (with my handle paulmills864) for the full info on how to increase your grade by 150 pts! 


And my game as Black against Computer medium.