Chess Wisdom and Aphorisms #16

Chess Wisdom and Aphorisms #16

Nov 28, 2015, 6:47 AM |

Chess Wisdom and Aphorisms #16.

'Chess is a game between Koalas and Wombats.'




This is a Koala.  Koalas are good guys.


This is a Wombat.  Wombats are bad guys. medium computer is a wombat! Wombats are sneaky chess players as you can see.


Koalas and Wombats come from Australia.  This shows that chess is a game that originated in Australia.  This explains why there are a lot of chess players in Australia. 


Of course, koalas and wombats who play on are all members of the Koala and Wombat Chess Federation.  KWCF. Here is their flag.