Chess Wisdom and Aphorisms #1

Chess Wisdom and Aphorisms #1

Nov 5, 2015, 6:53 AM |

Chess Wisdom and Aphorisms.

No. 1.

A Game of Chess is the Art of Saying No.


When you sit at the chessboard, you are inviting an opponent to a game of chess.  Your opponent says thank you, I accept.  But, he or she would like to win the game.  Your task as a chess player is to politely refuse this request.  Saying No, politely, but firmly is a valuable lesson in life.  It can easily be learnt with the game of chess.

Do you try to completely destroy your opponent in an overwhelming attack?  Then you make the mistake of unpoliteness and a point-blank refusal of his desire to win the game.  Refuse his request, move by move, by making many moves in the game. Do not let this single game be a final refusal of your opponent’s chess ability.  Let some spice of hope remain that they have another chance another day.  
Then you will find you are a courteous winner and your opponent a polite loser.
An example of courteous play.  A 169 move victory by Jerry of ChessNetwork against Computer Impossible of
Live Blitz Chess Commentary #304
Human (Jerry of ChessNetwork) v Computer Impossible.