Mindnumbinging Deep Thinking

Mar 4, 2013, 2:04 PM |

It was Round 5 of the UMBC Open Tournament's U1800 Section and I had 1.5 points so far.  With winning the tourney out of question, I could focus entirely on the game ahead of me.  I was White, so let us see if my English Opening can serve me to the finish.

It begins innocently enough where I complete my Otter Opening with b3 on move 10.  My opponent plays c5 to force an opening.  Here my mind balks from the number of threats and possible complications so I relent and take a pawn.


Many pieces get traded down, and at this point I am seeing my pinned knight but I also see that if I play Rd1 I can get indirect control of the D-File.

I am very eager to trade queens here.  Even though it would result in doubled isolated pawns, it will would open the F-File for my rook which would make an attack more convenient.  If I pressure hard enough then, I would be able to undouble a pawn back into the F File and maintain an advantageous position.

I am just about guaranteed a Bishop here.  But then he plays a move which I would give an exclamation point.  Everything I had previsouly planned just fell away with ... Bh2+.







As much as I'd like to take that bishop, I see an ugly threat ahead.  I contrmplate ignoring the bishop and simply moving my king.

Looking back, 27. Kg2 would have been a much better move.  But instead I played 27. Kxh2.

The mistakes I made are not too clear to me aside from move 27 where I took the bishop sacrifice, so if someone else could have a look at the game it would be appreciated!