May 17, 2009, 5:42 PM |


I am going to make an experiment on how the effects of alchahol  can affect the game of chess


1st glass, Feeling relaxed and ready for a few games of chess

2nd glasses, still feeling good,A yawn breaks out so I break out the fags

3rd glasses of wine,My toilet breaks and the need to cook food now breaks up my conentration.Still buzzing

4th glasses of wine (2nd bottle) and now i'm feeling the affects,kinda making some silly moves and while writing this blog I;m aving to really take my time not to make any spelling mistakes

5th glass. Avc a another fag.Bolloox ive just made a right old xxxx move,i feel my self gating angy.

6th gloss of wine i cant be xxxxxxx now cus im playimy xxxx i need food IM HUNGRY

7th g;ass2Nd bottle  im givig the game up  am xxxx and dont feel goog ill finish this blog in the mooning

8th plying cjess while xxxxxxxx is not good ummmm obvoious really LOVE U ALL xx

im not sure if booze is good 4 the game

xxxxxx im reapeating my self,..,

5 glasses of wine.

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