's computer analysis's computer analysis

Jul 23, 2013, 10:11 PM |

I just submitted a game to's weekly free analysis (for non-members). I was playing black with the Sicilian Defence. The analysis said that 2. c5 was "(0.88) INACCURACY - Perhaps better was 1... d5".

I've had my doubts about the analysis in the past and this confirmed them.

Using Arena on my home computer, Houdini (depth 19) gives 2. d5 (Scandinavian Defense) as +0.37 and Rybka (depth 16) gives 2. d5 as +0.13. Houdini gives the Sicilian as (depth 19) +0.17 and Rybka (depth 18) +0.17.

Calling the Sicilian an inaccuracy and recommending the Scandinavian Defense seems very strange to me.

I wonder how long's computer spends analysing each move and to what depth?

Has anyone else noticed anything strange about's analysis?