Jul 22, 2011, 12:26 PM |

I once heard the very few humans acheive more than 80% of what they seek out to achieve.  Well I can say that I didn't even get that high.  I can say that I am completely addicted to the Tactic Trainer.  I think I just need to make better use of my time and spread it around more evenly.  I did however break 1400 as a Tactic trainer rating.  For the first week I was solid, doing only 25 tactics daily and using other time for vids and the mentor.  Then I started becoming obsessed with increasing my score and having fun.  Although I did purchase a small chess board for practice I did not begin to memorize any of the openings. 

For the next two weeks my goals are.  To 1500 in the tactic trainer, to do 3 mentors daily, to watch 3 videos, and to learn the Caro-Kann.

If anyone is out there and would like to help me achive my goals by keeping me accountable please I welcome your comments.