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Jul 5, 2011, 9:21 AM 0

I just wanted to start this little blog.  Its so awesome that Chess.com gives us this tool.  What I write here will be permanently etched in the internet.  In twenty years when I have mastered this game I can look back and grin and hopefully somebody in my shoes can learn from it.  I think that all success starts with goals so my first chess blog will be the goals that I wish to achieve, with a deadline.  A goal without a deadline is merely a wish. 

Goal 1:  Beat the 1600 computer on Chess.com without takebacks, five times in a row in one session.   Reasons for goals are the fuel to the fire.  I want to do this because beating it five times in a row proves that it is not a fluke.  It will give me an idea of what my rating is.  Deadline: 9/5/11.

Goal 2:  Memorize mainline of the following openings 15 moves:  CaroKann, Tarrasch, QGD, e4, French, Reti, English.  Reason?  Tactics come from position.  If I know the main lines from these openings, it will give me a solid foundation of having correct position.  Deadline 8/5/11.

Goal 3:  Learning activity goals: 1 video per week minimum.  30 tactics per day.  3 chess mentors per day.  3 games online with similar ratings 15 minutes each Saturday morning.  Blog minimum once a week. 

I believe that these are aggressive goals but I plan to stick to them.  Why do I want to be good at chess?  So that I can be viewed as a demigod among my friends and hustle them out of their lunch money =)

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