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Nov 2, 2010, 2:58 PM 3

The other day I started a game with an opponent that had 120 rating points on me and I was expecting a serious challenge. On the 4th move he gave away his Queen for nothing. As soon as I took his Queen he disconnected and never came back and I won because he abandon the game. I suppose there are a 1000 reasons why he disconnected but the timing makes all others seem unlikely. I have since had a chance to review one of his games and he is a very talented player. The move was probably just a slip of the mouse. I don't think he would normally make that move even in a drunken stupor. The point is, accept it for what it was and have the good sportsmanship to resign. Had he resigned and asked for a rematch I would have gladly given it to him. Instead I had to sit there and wait for the system to conclude he had abandon the game, all the while thinking what a jerk he was.

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