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many blogs togheter...

Apr 22, 2008, 5:01 PM 2

1.blog: how are you on your life? Happen any bad thing?

how its your life? (today im so sad. I have a horrible note: 0,5 of 6,0, hoooorible!!!) number your answer with 1. and say your answer!

2.blog: let's talk a little of chess...

who its your best piece?(i loooove bishops!)who its your favorite opening?Number your answer with 2. and send your answer!

3.blog: cnofseud lttres!

can you raed tihs ltters? clol! sned a cnosefud lttres for us wtih the nmuebr 3. in the fornt!


here you can make free things with 4. in front!

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