Alekhine the fakin'...maybe not.

Alekhine the fakin'...maybe not.

Nov 10, 2015, 5:43 PM |

Hello chess friends,

Today I'd like to go over a real character of a player: Alexander Alekhine!

He was the fourth world champion, and one of the greatest attackers of all time. He died with the world champion title. However; in doing research about him, I've noticed one thing above all the rest. People call him a fraud!

On many comments of his books, on amazon, a lot of people say things like "Half of the games here, are made up." To my knowledge he would often talk about games that he or someone else had, then claim he thought that a variation was interesting. And like any apocryphal story or game, it caught on to be "real" games.

One game that has such a background is this.

Whether or not he claimed the game(s) to be real or analysis, the ideas are still that of a world champion. If carlsen said "I had a game where this piece sac is interesting. I may have had a game or two with this idea." people would eat it up for breakfast, splash it in their joe, and remember to save some for later. yet when a man that held the world champion title to his grave says something is intersting, he might as well get hung! I apologize for the elan. I really hope that these statements of fraud will stop. He was a great chess player with a life that is more interesting than fiction.

Thank you,

Have a nice day, my friends.