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They Come To The Austrian Attack!

They Come To The Austrian Attack!

Sep 26, 2015, 9:04 PM 3

Hello all! The photo I used for the header of this post are of my dogs(Jasper and Shyroo) shyroo is chewing Jasper out for breathing...I thought it had relavence to the game I'm about to show you. I ran into a frienemy at my local coffee house. The game I'm about to show you is a very important game that I've played. Not for playing fo rating or money(like I said coffee house chess) but for honor. A while ago I played against my opponent, named Emory. He and I were playing in a tournament which I excepted a very quick draw. Reason being, I thought it gave me a good chance to go to the tournament final, which it did. however it was a very aggressive opening and Tonight I wanted to see how it might have ended. I got my wish! In the game I am white. without further adue I will present it. the moves are not perfect but we both took at least a minute a move(coffee house chess is serious chess) here we go!!!

Hope you liked this game as well as I did. some parts I could have been worse but I dont think I was ever losing. There are tactics to when he played Nc4 but I couldn't calculate all nuances.

Thank you for your time, Hope you enjoyed this edition of "They come to Austria"


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