To play against myself...

To play against myself...

Jun 26, 2015, 2:39 AM |

Today I'd like to make a personal note about something that recently came up.

A friend of mine has recently taken up openings that I myself used to play. one such opening is the Budapest gambit.

Such an opening is provocative in the you attack then center and above all else are hand white a pawn(if he wants it.) A line which I think is most testing is

This has been seen many times. However playing the white side of it in some quick games. It took me a coupe times playing it to remember this(I believe three games were played.) one game which I had forgotten this line was drawn the other, a very bad lose...

A move that I can only describe as I thought I was send my wife on a centralized vaction(d5), intead I sent her to her deathbed(d4).

there are other ways of playing as white, of course. But, it's like playing the king's gambit, not taking the pawn is a crime! I used to play that aswell. one line I like from the king's gambit is one I've only ever had the chance to play a couple of times. most notable to me is the game I had early last year.

However, I did not go in unprepared. Hmm...where did I see this before?

Hope you liked this. under permission of my coach. I may show analysis of other things I've looked at and studied. Which is a lot, I pride myself in thinking that I'm very versatile.

Till the next time we meet,