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Reti Opening and Great Endgame

Reti Opening and Great Endgame

Sep 27, 2016, 12:52 AM 0

Hi! This is pete-2 Smile Reti Opening... Black often responses ...d5, ...c5 or ...Nf6. Sometimes Black responses ...Nc6. In this game Black responsed ...d6. It's unusual move. But it's quite logical, because after 2.g3 ...e5 Black's position is good. However after 2.d4 ...Bg4 (or ...g6, or maybe ...Nf6) White's position as good as Black's position.

I think, the following game has great endgame. White could lose easily, but didn't resign and wasn't checkmated. Final move was very exciting. It's brilliant game in endgame. If you have any notes or questions, post your comments below. Good luck!

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