Analysis Medley #3: Lead Zeppelin

Analysis Medley #3: Lead Zeppelin

Aug 20, 2010, 3:53 PM |



The pictures should be more than clear: It's been a horrible "chess season" for me.

It's been a long while since I've blogged about my games. Probably the main reason is mentioned in the title: I've been sinking like a "lead" zeppelin in almost all tournaments I've participated in (as far as I know, this concept is where the name of the actual band comes from.)

This was partly due to time out losses, but more than that, I simply didn't have enough time make my moves, and had to blitz through every game. This ended in a very long and dreadful series of losses, which I'm willing to share with you as the first step of a resurrection.

In my new year chess resolutions, I had set my rating goal as 2300 at the end of the year, and now I've fallen below 1900. I don't know how it's going to happen, but I still believe when I cut down on my games, I can play at a level above 2000. 2300 seems impossible to reach at the end of the year at this point, but I'll try to gather my motivation back, and even if I have no chances of advancing in a tournament, I'll at least try to fight for the rating in the remaining games.

OK. Here begins the medley: not analyzed very deeply, but tried to give a sense of what happened, mentioning the critical points of the games.



















Here, I'd like to share the pre-game and post-game comments of myself and my opponent, simply because I enjoyed it:

Skytale: A toast to the glory of Chess. Either you're toast or I'm toast.

philidor_position: sounds like a worthy toast :) hello and hand shake :)

Skytale: As White can only maybe win with his extra man if Black continues to fight to win eg 11 Kg1-h1, Qf2xd4 12 Bd3xNe4 , and as Black can force a draw by 11...Qf2-h4+, White accepts the draw. An interesting opening, something new I think.


It was a game I drew without making a move of my own. A book draw, that was, but a nice chat. I hope my opponent doesn't mind me sharing it here.


And finally, a win, with a tactical shot I enjoyed. This gives me motivation and hope to carry on trying hard to improve at chess:


Thanks to all my opponents for the games, and thanks for reading, hope I could make it worthwhile. All analysis here is done with the help of the chess engine Fire 1.3.
I'll try to blog more frequently from now on, with deeper analysis and hopefully with better & more enthusiastic games! As always, all feedback is welcome. Bye!