Four Miniatures and a Comeback

Four Miniatures and a Comeback

Oct 7, 2011, 9:31 AM |

It's been a while I haven't blogged about my games, simply because I have been inactive for a long, long time. To get in shape again, I got myself into a hell lot of games, and just as I expected, things started really, really bad.

The first 3 games from the tournament I took most seriously ended in miniature losses for me, and I played almost like a beginner, getting crushed right after we got out of book.

Fortunately, I did get a little warmer as the tournament progressed and managed to pull out 2 wins.

As a bonus I'll share a previous miniature win. I hope you'll like the games and the annotations, I tried to be as clear as I could.

First, let's get the embarrassing part behind us:






And now, the less embarrassing part.Smile It's not like I'm going to play like a beginner all the time, right?




And here comes the game that I'm most happy about, the comeback!

Well, let this be a warm-up entry for future posts, which I hope to do more regularly, and I'll include deeper analysis and puzzles from the games to make things more interactive.

Thanks to all my opponents for the games, and thanks for reading, hope I could make it worthwhile. All analysis here is done with the help of mainly Toga II and sometimes ProDeo 1.6

I appreciate feedback & comments!