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My first win against a 2000+ rated player

My first win against a 2000+ rated player

Jun 9, 2009, 4:08 PM 0

After a long, long break from real-time chess (blitz doesn count!), I've made a satisfying return to FICS, and even broke an imaginary barrier: This was my first win against a big gun (higher than 2000). I made a wrong decision in the early-middlegame, but my opponent couldn't make much of it, and let me control the queenside entirely while he tried to launch an attack on the kingside.

I could almost be proud to tell you I totally outplayed my opponent tactically, but that wasn't the case. Unfortunately, this game was one of those where I got a little lucky: I blundered and gave him a chance to draw at the last minute but he missed it.

Here's the game with in-depth analysis and comments. Make sure you use the move list for variations. Comments are welcome.

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