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SCL Championship R4: Finally a win, and a pretty one at that!

SCL Championship R4: Finally a win, and a pretty one at that!

Jan 29, 2018, 10:31 AM 3

Before the 4th round of the Slow Chess League championship the score in my last 5 live games was a sad minus 2 (3 draws and 2 losses). I felt I was improving in my studies; I was having a good run in my tactics training and when I studied Capablanca's games I seemed to guess his moves correctly more often, but I hadn't won a game since November. This game I played against a strong player came to the rescue with some nice tactics. Our rating difference was close to 300 points before we played!


The bad: My understanding of the opening was weak. I thought I had caught my opponent on the wrong foot even when we were still in GM theory!

I was too keen on keeping the extra pawn, which led to some dubious decisions. Ironically, coming to this game, I had decided to make an effort to look for creative ways to sacrifice material!

The good:  When the situation demanded a defensive only-move, I found it (Qa1); when there was a White to play and win situation, I saw the idea quickly and executed it accurately; and when there was a way to tactically force a favorable exchange to eliminate counterplay, I found that too. Overall I think it would be fair to say I tactically overplayed a very strong opponent. Feels good to see all that tactics training bear its fruits!  

Always appreciate feedback, so feel free to comment. So long and good chess to all!

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