Break Away From The Everyday

Break Away From The Everyday

Oct 11, 2015, 2:23 AM |

I truly have a love hate relationship with chess. I love to play but I hate it when I make stupid ass moves that cost me games.


I like to take a break from my endless hours of research and writing for my blog and see if I will be victorious, frustrated with my screw-ups or lose to a better opponent.


The vast majority of my losses are attributed to my screwing up. A small part of my victories are due to luck, some are due to my opponent screwing up, some I'm simply the better player... but some of my games are a thing of beauty.


You must know the ones. The ones where your well crafted plan totally baffles your opponent and your moves seem to fall into place like the pieces of a puzzle.


If I could only do so all the time. If I could only have the work on my blog go so well. I mean I do a fairly good job on my blog, but it is a new blog so is a work in progress.


It's not like my other blogs where my main focus is in making money. This is different. I am teaching others how to start their own blog and make money from it.


My new blog is in it's infancy. It will be several months before it is fully integrated and showing any signs of being what it will become. But it will happen.


But then what does this have to do with chess? Well, there are some similarities. I set my board with all the pieces and the game begins. Only I don't have opponents. I have competition. And the prize is to win over the hearts and minds of the visitors to my blog.


Well, there are more differences than similarities, but I still feel like a chess master when I'm manipulating the pieces (content) on the chess board (my blog). And the victories are very exciting.