3D layered Line router

May 11, 2011, 9:51 PM |

Wouldn't it be nice to have a way to route different lines visually.

Bear with me here, I know It's a long way, but should be a good idea.

I can see a chess board with the main setup, then whites first move is shown on another chess board that appears hovering right above the first.  While black's first move is being shown on that second board layer the first board begins to go slightly transparent and a line shows up between the both boards for the piece white moved.

Another board shows up above to represent whites next move.  It's the second move, there are now two boards above the original, and yet another line begins to appear, showing the route (or "line") that white has taken.

During an evaluation of the game you could make a different move on whites fourth turn and quickly show the NAME of that line, along with that lines next most common or natural move for black and even show the prediction for white with boards that are slightly transparent above the current turn board.

I think it would help me see Lines.  I'm new, so by "lines" I mean the well known names of a game play.  An example might be kings indian, or french defense, etc.  The names go on and on, as well as their variations. 

I'd really like to be able to evaluate some of my previous games and have the sytem tell me what game type I was using, what game type my oponent was using, and as the game goes on a variation name could come up, until one of us falls completely off any known line.

Can you guys at chess.com make this happen, ohh and make me a sandwhich too.  Get it all done by tomorrow would ya.