Chess and Marketing

Mar 27, 2012, 1:24 PM |

 You can easily compare a lot of things in life with chess, but few compare like marketing. I've been doing online marketing for over 13 years, before many of the search engines and myfacetweets were around.  It compares well mostly because marketing is a competition, it's loud, in your face, public, competition.  Applying the techniques that chess players use against your competitors is challenging and fun.  Here is one of the best game-board to real life scenarios.

Lack of space: (Making sure your competitors have no space in the market to move their pieces.)

 You can apply this to Pay Per Click many ways, not the least of which is to wait for them to outbid your really high bid, then jump off the bid completely until they are out of budget.

 Applying this to Social, you might run as many facebook competitions as one can think of so that they are playing catch-up.

 When it comes to Rankings, or (SEO, search engine optimization), you want to optimize the sub-pages of your site, for example if you are running an auto shop you might want to hit up all the cities in your area along with all the car makes and models.  This is called “long-tail”, but really it’s just crowding your competitors pieces and giving them way too much to consider before making their move.

Believe me, your competition is on the clock, just like you are, and that point is not lost to them when you execute a complex move.