Older "beginners"

Jan 30, 2011, 5:10 PM |

I can now sympathize with all those folks I run across in my business who really want to pick up where they left off with the piano 30 or 40 years ago.  It ain't easy the way it is for a 10 year old.  Let's face it, once you get past a certain age (different in each of us, I'm sure), the hard drive is pretty full of useless stuff that nonetheless takes up valuable space, and the ram is occupied with all the mundane tasks we must deal with in our everyday lives.  When you're a kid, the slate is clean, and wiring your brain is the natural progression.   


I've learned alot about chess, and have improved somewhat in the last couple of months, I think, but it isn't a quick process.  Remembering all the strategy and tactics from even one day to the next can be challenging.  I've done thousands of the Tactics Trainer problems, and find that I progress for awhile, then suffer brain burn and my score sinks like a stone.  It's interesting to get this kind of feedback. 


When I first went on this website, I wanted to improve, to get high ratings, to compete at a high level, etc.  I would stress about games.  Then the realization hit that I would never be a grandmaster, master, or probably an expert.  I have a great time at it, and try to be as competitive as I can in all the games I play.  It's a great game, something to relish each and every time I play.