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Task #1: 1.e4 Openings

Jan 29, 2013, 7:57 AM 0

The Ruy Lopez/"Closed" Spanish Main Lines: Chigorin Defense
C97: Ruy Lopez: Closed Variations, Chigorin Defense

The Ruy Lopez -- Marshall Attack
C89: Ruy Lopez: Marshall Attack
C45: Scotch Game
C45: Scotch Game: Mieses Variation
C45: Scotch Game: Classical Variation
C45: Scotch Game: Steinitz Variation
C00: French Defense: Advance Variation, Steinitz Variation
French Defense -- Exchange Variation
C17: French Defense: Winawer Variation, Advance Variation
C14: French Defense: Classical Variation
C03: French Defense: Tarrasch Variation

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