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I am just starting to learn how to play chess.  I joined chess.com and discovered a whole new world!!  I mean...where do I start?  do I develop my own schedule?  Which is more beneficial the tactical or the mentor...the list of options is so very long. I like options, but I am lost.  A little guidance or suggestions about length of time each day, or a set of different programs...I'm overwhelmed with the vast array of resources.  Any suggestions?


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    you can find a variety of study plans for beginners here.




    good luck

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        you need to study basic chess - recommend you purchase beginning chess - by Pandolfini - and silman's book:  complete chess endgame course,   and study in those for a while.

            it would be a waste of your money to pay a chess coach - for what you can learn readily enough on your own - without paying anyone (me or any other coach), and there are lots of resources here you can use to learn chess -

    one is:  http://blog.chess.com/view/content-summary3 

    go there, and move to the right-hand column, and work your way through basic checkmates, traps, judy's problems and other things - all below her avatar in the righthand column.


    If you are interested in a chess coach after working with those things at your own speed - recommend you consider one then.

    also, there are a variety of tools you can use here - chess videos available free to diamond members - see D Pruess' video series for some excellent guidance and materials...  and many other masters, IMs, and GMs have created videos that will really help you improve rapidly.

    one user who posts videos for those who aren't diamond members - is chessnetwork - just click on members - then search on his handle - and browse in his 'content'.

        I posted some 'tactics studies' for those wanting to learn more - you can find them on my profile - download, print and study through them without a board - while traveling on a bus or subway or in a car (when you aren't driving, of course)...


    regards, and have some fun now.Smile

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