Queen vs 3 pieces

Jun 13, 2011, 2:01 PM |

I would like to ask to you wheather a Queen is better than 3 pieces or a the 3 pieces are better. We would look at some examples.







In the above example white is better if he promotes the pawn. But if the queen kills the pawn. Then there could be a draw because most of the people find it hard to win with these three pieces. But, some top rated players can sort it out.

Pls solve the problem in a comment if u can.

 In some positions like Queen vs Two Bishops and a Knight there is a chance of Draw as well as win for White.In other like Queen Vs Two Rooks and a Knight there also ould be a draw and a win. In other words there could be anything in a position with a Queen vs Three pieces

i would also like to demonstrate my own game in a Queen vs three pieces.