13th Dubai Open

Apr 11, 2011, 6:54 AM |

The 13th Dubai Open Chess Championship for the Sheikh Rashid Bin Hamdan Cup will be held from 9th to 19th April 2011. The Championship will be held at Dubai Chess and Culture Club.

A record number of players from 41 countries and 170 players from India Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, France, Germany, England, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, and a group of players from Iran, and the host UAE are participating in this prestigious championship.

Grandmaster Sasikiran Krishnan 2682 from India is the top seed of this championship while 56 Grandmasters are expected to give tough competition. 10 Women Grandmasters, 33 International masters, one Women International master and 17 Fide masters are participating in this championship, and WGM Mona Khalid (Egypt) Africa and Arab champion and Grand Master Mohammad Nasser (Qatar).
The host UAE is led by grand master Salem A.R. Saleh and (ARAB and Asia champion ) and grand master  Bassem Amin of Egypt (Arab and Africa champion)  many international players from UAE Qatar Jordon Syria, Sudan, Lebanon.

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