Chess Metaphors?

Dec 4, 2007, 1:14 PM |

Do you know any good chess metaphors?  I found this by  G. G. Falderal


Wormhole Chess

Chess is quite reflective of the dimensions. The board, a finite realm of two dimensions, is similar to a finite view of the universe. There are two basic types of movements on this field : The finite players and the infinite players. The finites are the king, the pawn and the horse; who move in single bounds of a pre-established length. The infinites are the queen, the bishop and the rook; who move in bound of any length, theoretically able to escape the two-dimensional limits imposed by the board. We'll now examine the directions in which they may move.

A pawn is biased forwards. It may only go straight unless altered in course by removing another piece at either of its' forward diagonals. It starts out with the option of a two-square move, as if running out into battle, but then continues at a single square pace.

A rook moves infinitely either forwards or sideways; the bishop is similar in movement to the rook, but is offset by 45 degrees. The queen is a precise superimposition of the rook and the bishop. The king is a queen with a single square limit, or, simply put, a ring around itself.

I'll ignore the horse. Just kidding. The horse is special - very special - relativity special.

When playing chess, one moves the horse at 30 or 60 degrees, or two squares forward, then one to the left or right. But unlike, say, the queen, who influences, or is influenced by, anything along her path and at her possible destination, the horse only influences, or is influenced by, anything at its' possible destination. It moves around on a two-dimensional plane, but it can do so despite any pieces in between. It jumps.

This jumping is exclusive to the horse. It leaves the two-dimensional universe, disappearing temporarily into the third dimension, then reappears in the second dimension. In the world of theoretical physics, it has wormholed - gone into a relative hyperspace to which is its' own unique privilege - then re-entered the drab existence of the two-dimensional realm. The horse influences and travels through the wormholes of the chessboard. So much for high-tech.

[note: Does this suggest that both signal and material (energy and matter) can pass through a wormhole?]