Laws at Work

Oct 31, 2007, 10:07 AM |

I asked one of my middle school students to comment on the responsibility of teacher vs. learner in regards to the law of interest and the law of diminishing returns.  She was quite prolific:  

1)       The law of interest dictates that we do what we want to do and learn what we want to learn: it is a choice. The job of a teacher is to present information in a way that promotes interest and therefore makes it more likely to be learned. The job of a student is to make an effort to absorb this information and not reject it based on the qualifier that it's information. There is a borderline between the jobs of the student and the teacher: what if the student refuses to learn?  If the teacher refuses to teach? The teacher's job is not only to provide information but also to present it... a thespian indeed.    

2)      The law of diminishing returns dictates that if interest does not serve to keep a student engaged, the teacher must become more and more engaging. This can be avoided by getting everyone engaged in the first place, and the subject matter addressed will become more interesting as it is more deeply investigated. Many are content to be comfortable; the teacher must then run at them several times with an increasingly pointier weapon. Assumptions contains ass. Yo b****.