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Make Your Move - Applying Pascal's Pensées to Chess

Apr 7, 2008, 10:08 AM 1
Will it be mathematical or intuitive?  In the mathematical - the principles are palpable, but removed from ordinary use; so that for want of habit it is difficult to turn one's mind in that direction: but if one turns it in that direction ever so slightly, one sees the principles fully, and one must have a quite inaccurate mind who sees wrongly from principles so plain that it is almost impossible they should escape notice.In the intuitive mind the principles are found in common use and are before the eyes of everybody.  One has only to look, and no effort is necessary; it is only a question of good eyesight, but it must be good, for the principles are so subtle and so numerous that it is almost impossible but that some escape notice.  The omission of a single principle leads to error; thus one must have very clear sight to see all the principles and, in the next place, an accurate mind not to draw false deductions from known principles.What are the principles of chess?  Do you apply them intuitively or mathematically?


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