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APCT Challenge 2 Game Match

APCT Challenge 2 Game Match

Dec 9, 2012, 8:05 AM 2

Will quote what was said at the start of the match. APCT American Postal Chess Tournaments used to be one of the top postal chess organizations in the United States until it's founders John and Helen Warren, retired..

"We are pleased to begin Publication of the challenge match CM-640, between APCT's two highest rated players, David Taylor. of Kankakee IL and Bob Johnson of Minneapolis, MN. These games are now at move 15. We will publish about 5 moves in each issue, allowing players to remain well ahead of our publication schedule. Good Luck to both!"  I will give the two games--the first a Benko Gambit where I had Black... These games were heavily annotated but here lightly...

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