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Dec 4, 2012, 3:43 AM 0

I am just about totally disabled. I can walk only a short distance with a cane and have too many severe health problems to mention. Recently I have had knee replacement surgeries for both knees and also surgery for left shoulder replacement.  I only have a good right arm and shoulder and that with some arthritus. 

I play tennis and baseball and bowling on Wii Sports. I have tied for first place in wii tennis for the highest rating worldwide. But believe it or not my boys ages 12 and 17 both can beat me rather badly at wii tennis...

I can with my disabilities do Wii bowling.  A perfect game is 12 strikes in a row or a 300 game.  Using only my right arm and being unsteady on my feet--I have bowled more that 350 perfect games which is an achievement.  However  there is one gentleman in his 80's  has the world record of maybe 2000 perfect games..   

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