Compare Two Main Open Discussion Groups on

Compare Two Main Open Discussion Groups on

Jan 31, 2014, 10:38 AM |

Comparison of the Two Main Open Discussion Groups on

These are Open Discussion and Tirades and Venedettas

These two groups are allowed to discuss almost anything including politics and religion

Open Discussion has 900 members   Tirades has about 360 members.

However in both groups there are many inactive members.

Who decides on admission to the group?

Open Discussion anyone can join.  Tirades there is usually one person who decideds.


Open Discussion has no leader except for staff in case of a problem. it is rare that there is such a problem.

Tirades has one person as the main leader and also the Super Administrator who is not active but looks on. In Tirades the main leader is also the censor and also the person who decides who can or cannot  be a member. This one person is almost always the person who can eject someone from the group if that person tries to comment on a subject forbidden by the censor [main leader].

Open Discussion has no censorship. They can and do talk about anything they wish.

If you have a grievnance against an adminstrator or someone in the group how do the two groups handle this?

Tirades has a system where if  you have a problem with an administrator you can give your problem and evidence in an open forum.  However, if your problem is with the  censor/leader he tells you what you can use for evidence and what is relevant and what is not relevant.  If you write something that he thinks is not relevant he gives you a warning. If you persist you will find yourself out of the group.
[caveat, this happened to me]

Open Discussion leaves it up to adminstrative staff to handle a gievance.
Sometimes an individual member will put out his grievance for all to hear.

Who are in these groups?

Both  groups have members willing to discuss almost anything.

Many of the current members of Open Discussion were either kicked out of Tirades or who quit Tirades because of the strong censorship. These are people who believe such discussions should be open. Open Discussion has  muslims who give their viewpoint very well. I do not think Tirades has this as some of the muslims left because of the censorship.

What happens if you are kicked out of either group?

In Open Discussion sometimes someone is so full of hate that he gets a temporary ban and then later is allowed to come back. [gives him time to cool off]

Once you leave Tirades or are kicked out of Tirades,  do not think of coming back as the person who kicked you out will not let you back in.[this will almost always be the leader/censor]  Also their leader/ censor views anyone who leaves Tirades as not worthy to come back. I, for one. am "banned" from coming back into Tirades

Amount of postings.

Open Discussion seems to have 3 or 4 times the posting of Tirades. [but this is to be expected because of the censorship]

How do Christians fare in the two groups?

In Open Discussion Christians are fair game.  If you are a Christian and want to make a statement-this is good but you will be asked many questions.

In Tirades, Christians are somewhat protected.  The censor decides what parts of the bible can be used and what parts cannot be used in debating Christians.

Thus in Tirades, Christians do not always have to defend their beliefs. Thus, I am guessing many Christians are more confortable in Tirades.

How do muslims fare in the two groups?

In open discussion we have very long conversations with the resident muslims--hundreds of posts and it is very enlightening to me to learn some things I did not know before.  I now have several muslim friends.

In Tirades there is nothing similar.

How do atheists fare in the two groups?

Atheists love Open Discussion because they love open discussion.

Many atheists do not last long in Tirades as they come up to the censor, censoring ideas they want to express.

What happens if someone gives incorrect facts?

In Open Discussion you will be sure to have someone correct you and give the true facts.

In Tirades, the leader has his own ideas and if your facts do not conincide with his facts--you are in danger of being kicked out of the group. 

In Summary, both groups are meant for people who want an open debate.

You have this in Open Discussion.   You have this only to a degree in Tirades as you have to frame your debate in such a way as to not upset the leader/censor.

Would I like to get back in Tirades?  While, I do not like censorship I would like to get back in. I have many friends there.